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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Amaravathy Crocodile Sanctuary

Visited Amaravathy Dam and Crocodile Sanctuary yesterday. They have an amazing variety of crocodiles sourced from world over. Here are some images captured in the crocs enclosure. Amaravathy is located around 120 kms from Coimbatore.The Amaravathi Sagar Crocodile Farm, established in 1976, the largest crocodile nursery in India, is 1 kilometre before the Amaravathy dam site. Many adult crocodiles have been reintroduced from here into the wild. Eggs are collected from wild nests along the perimeter of the reservoir to be hatched and reared at the farm. Many crocodiles of all sizes can be seen basking in the sun and suddenly making a stride or piled up on one another. There are now 98 crocodiles (25 male + 73 female) maintained in captivity here. Three Forest Department personnel manage and maintain the Centre.


Simians are present in large numbers at Thirumurthy Hills (in Udumalpet,Tamilnadu) ! Here is one who has snatched a soft drink bottle from an unsuspecting tourist and merrily emptying the contents. Be sure to carry a stick to Thirumurthy hills to ward off simian attacks.This is the right time of the year to visit Thirumurthy dam & reservoir and the amazing falls.After the recent copious rains there is plentiful of water and lush greenery everywhere.
Enjoying a stolen bottle of soft drink
Simians live in close knit groups

Home Grown Papayas

Our papaya tree is around 11 months old. It started bearing fruit 3 months ago. We tasted the first fruit about a fortnight ago. After that we have plucked 5-6 more fruits.We look forward to many more in the coming months. Home grown papaya fruit tastes amazingly sweet and we just love it. We plan to get some more saplings during our next trip to Trichur (Kerala). The fruit is ready for plucking when streaks of yellow appear.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

At Maruthamalai last week ! Divine darshan at dizzying heights ! Comfortable drive up the winding ghat road flanked by dense forest. Cool and cloudy climate. An Incredible experience. A glorious and incredulous coincidence was that we could witness the circumambulation of the Golden Chariot drawn by devotees around the sanctum of Lord Subramaniaswamy.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

NMR Locomotive - Coimbatore

The locomotive engine of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway(NMR), which was brought from Mettupalayam, was mounted on a pedestal constructed for the purpose at the entrance of the Coimbatore Railway Junction on Sunday night.
The engine X 37389 was built in 1925 at the Swiss Locomotives and Machine Works factory in Switzerland. It was operated between Mettupalayam and Coonoor and was withdrawn from service in 2012. It was replaced with a new oil-fired steam engine in 2012. The total weight of the engine was 50.3 tonne and its hauling capacity was 979 tonne.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Champion Papaya Grower

Here is my son holding aloft a huge Papaya fruit grown in our backyard. Will be cutting it in a couple of days when it becomes juicy and ready to eat ! She is a beauty isnt she ?

Kovai Kutralam

Visited Kovai Kutralam yesterday around 38 kms from Coimbatore nestling in the foothills of Siruvani.A scenic and picturesque locale amidst dense teak forests. The climate was salubrious with cool breeze and overcast sky with ever so mild drizzle.The waterfalls are captivating - cascading downhill in a thin stream gradually gaining momentum and finally emerging into a powerful waterfall plummeting down gently but forcefully. The pummelling effect on your body is therapeutic and rejuvenating. Took me all of 14 years stay in Coimbatore to visit this astonishing waterfalls.